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Join hosts Tyler, Nick, and Bob tell stories, talk with interesting guests and pretend they know what they're doing. No scripts, no edits, no future.
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Dec 31, 2016

This week it's Tyler Nick and Bob. that's it! Listen to the intro, no righteous scripture in this description. 



Dec 19, 2016

This week on TNB it's just the boys doing their regular thing. NOTHING ELSE. We talk some cool shit, some whack shit, and whatever else, I forgot blah blah blah I drink a lot blah blah blah. This is the 3rd fucking time I'm writing this, the first draft was fucking cool I had some real thought provoking topic that was a fun thing to talk about but since I'm in a time crutch I can't write it. I'm just angry so this is what you get when someone who responds emotionally rather than responding logically. 


Dec 13, 2016

In this heartbreaking episode of TNBall Z We quit....... or do we? Find out on the next episode of TNBall Z

But on the real we just have a good old fashion talk about some fun stuff, new video games, star wars, dicks, music, and where you learn to fail. or succeed I really don't remember. Who cares, hit play you'll enjoy our ridiculous banter and listen to Nick and Bob be an old married couple who need to not agree on anything, and listen as Tyler tries to play both sides of the fence because he's a loser with no real opinions and just wants to be liked by everyone. But other than that, it's a great episode add it to the list of excellence. Or mediocre, it's really up to you. We don't mind at all, we just like getting drunk and yelling into microphones. It's fun. If you want to try it talk to us, we can get you in here and YOU can tell US about dicks and things that have been placed inside of your bodies, and we can stop rehashing all of our stories. But, if you're not metal enough, we totally get it. Be scared, go to church, then go to the gym, smoke a pack of cigarettes, buy a motorcycle, look intensely into the sunset at the Grand Canyon, think about the opportunity you passed, think about the stories you could've shared, think about the laughs, think about the new friends you could've made memories with, ride majestically through the States thinking of what could have been, and when you finished your journey. Ask to be on the show, why the fuck did you take that long ass trip just to ask to be on this show? We like you. 



Dec 7, 2016

This week on the TNB Podcast we bring back Danny for one last shot at redemption, the strong, masterful Danny. Does he speak? Does he stay silent? Hit play and find out. During this episode we talk about how we prepare for our self pleasure, and more importantly where we leave the evidence of it. Shirt, towel, tissue, or sock? I don't know what that last sentence had to do with anything. But we talk about where we leave our nasty as goo. There, that enough mystery for you? We talk some video games, and some other stuff worth listening to. I think. Man, what do I know about what you guys want, you never talk to me. Am I not a personable person? Shit, well I love you all and thanks for checking out the episode hope you enjoy it!


Nov 28, 2016

Today we double down and have Paul Joseph return! It was a great night and the episode is for sure one of the best we've done, we talk cops, government and some other cool shit, so stick around and check out the episode I'd write more about the episode but why? Hit play and you'll hear how great this night was. What? What's that? You need to read a description in order to decide if this episode is worth listening to? Well, go fuck yourself. How's that? Was that a good enough read for you? NO? WELL! I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU WANT FROM ME NOTHING IS EVER GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU MY SISTER WAS RIGHT ABOUT YOU! IF YOU NEED ME I'LL BE OVER IN THE CORNER CRYING BECAUSE MY DESCRIPTIONS AS OF LATE HAVE BEEN LACKLUSTER! 


Alright, that's enough. I'm sorry I yelled via text it's just sometimes I feel like you're never listening to me, and how I'm feeling. 

But seriously enjoy the episode you ungrateful fucks (again I'm sorry I just want to be held)

Love you guys! You're the rock beneath our wings or some smooth ass shit like that!


Nov 21, 2016

This week on the TNB Podcast we welcome Paul Joseph back to share his incredibly long story on his visit to Cuba over some nice crispy cuban cigars and some old man angry juice. We talk naked people stuff, Paul's exciting journey, dicks and then drop trou and talk some more. This episode was an absolute blast and can't thank Paul enough for showing up and throwing down with us! We hope you enjoy the episode and as always share with your friends or whatever. LVEU

Nov 13, 2016

In this episode we bring Brandon back on the podcast.......AGAIN! I'm almost pretty sure we should just give in and call this the TNBB Podcast because that dick is always here. If tonights group were summed up in male genitalia it would go like this: Penis, obviously Brandon he's tall and pretty with some nice girth. Nick and Bob would be the pair of testicles because they're a nice set of beefy clackers needed to spray, and Tyler would probably be like pubic hair or something, or like herpes fucking annoying when they're around but then you'll grow to accept him. Anyways people we just shoot the shit per usual, hope you all enjoy the foul language and dumb stuff we talk about. This episode is a fun one so stick with us!


Love you'


Nov 8, 2016

Today we welcome the very handsome Carmen back on the podcast today! We talk anime and other weeaboo shit. I'm not even going to try with this description today, so enjoy the episode all of the important shit is in the intro of the podcast!



Oct 31, 2016

Today We just have the regular trio so enjoy the hosts in a fun talk. We talk about the hot topic buttons, cutting baby dicks, porno, sweet butts, and some other stuff. I'm entirely too tired to write this description for the episode so deal with whatever my fingers feel like typing. alsjkdn;skdfbladjsnf;lKNSd ;lahsg;oa ig

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Apparently I like the shift key. But fuck yeah, we love you all thaks for the killer numbers and reviews lately you're all the best. And we love you!

Oct 24, 2016

Today we welcome Alex on the podcast to talk prostate things. Among other things, we talk butts, what we do with them, what they do to us, what accessories your butt needs, and of course what we shove into butts. It's a butt heavy episode this week folks so ready that booty. Also three of the four dorks in the TNB "studio" (it's a shit room that smell of cigarettes and hate) talk about some anime so if you enjoy butts and anime this ones for you! I don't know what else to say about this episode, it was fun and we hope you cum back for more.


Oct 18, 2016

Today we welcome back Brandon and had a great episode! If you don't believe these words I've carefully written for you all to read, I challenge you to listen and find out for yourself. Also I've left a message within these words, the first one to find it and tweet at us @tnbpod with the hashtag #HideAndGoFuckYourself will be given a prize. What prize you ask? Well, we also left a secret message somewhere in the podcast of what the prize is. And remember people, you can't win if the game doesn't exist. Happy hunting friends, and good luck. enjoy the episode.

Oct 10, 2016

Today we welcome Jon Marvin Back on the podcast to discuss more video game stuff! And as much as I would love to sit here and type out this description for the episode like I usually do my computer is starting to fuck up. It looks like Steve Jobs has returned to take back what's his. This Apple is now rotten. No long the Big Mac it's a Dead Mac. This Pro has announced its retirement. The laptop is evolving into a garbagetop. I think that's it for me creatively, after rebooting itself 7 times making uploading this episode a real pain in the ass I want to be done with broken tech for tonight. SO it's all video game talks tonight, so enjoy the episode. Hit us up on all the social media I mention at the top of the show and do a detailed search of our twitter @tnbpod to find our boy Jon Marvin. Itunes, all that garbage love you fools ENJOY. 

Oct 7, 2016

Here's a quick little episode as our way of saying sorry Tyler lost the extra episode file. So fuck Tyler, and enjoy the episode!

Sep 27, 2016

This week on TNB Podcast it's just the main dudes talking shit. That's it. I'm not doing this description thing today, I'm sick so deal with this. ANYWAYS just video games and nerds shit was talked about in this episode so there you have it ENJOY


Special thanks to Nerds Without Pants Podcast and Digital & Dice Podcast for letting Tyler and Bobby guest on each of their shows this week! We had a killer time on both shows and if you don't believe this typed confession, I dare you I double dog dare you mother fucker GO LISTEN TO THE SHOWS! Subscribe and rate/review those fine podcast as well as holla at the fine genital-men who run those shows!

Nerds WIthout Pants : Twitter- @NWPcast

Digital & Dice : Twitter- @digitalanddice


thanks and get fucked

Sep 19, 2016

This week on the TNB Podcast it's just Bob and Tyler, and they bro down so hard.

So strap up and strap on for some serious heart to heart baby. There's really not too much to say about this episode to get you to hit play, but if you'd like to get to know the boys a little more ON SOME REAL LEVELS give it a listen.

We can't thank you guys enough for the support, so here's a mediocre attempt: thx


Sep 12, 2016

We welcome Quoc and Brandon back on the podcast to talk football. Which we don't do. Anyway enjoy the episode folks that's it!



We recently got some new recording equipment! Which means we'll hopefully be bringing you some choice audio quality as well as the typical pseudo-entertainment, THAT BEING SAID our fuckboi producer (if you can call an idiot with zero knowledge of this shit and just clickity clicks around until it all sounds good) has had very little time with the new digs and needs a little more time to adjust to real professional shit. That's why this episode is missing the intro/song. We hope to have everything dialed in by next week and if the quality is off a bit, don't worry we'll have it down eventually. Thanks for reading this and enjoy the episode! 

Sep 5, 2016

Today on the TNB Podcast we welcome Keith back on for some fun! We talk drinking, movies and video games the fucking trifecta baby! just like every other episode we get drunk so it makes the description part a little difficult to remember. But I'll just sit here and type in some shit that will look like a good description! I was shit housed last night and while attempting to log in to my girlfriends amazon prime account to watch Mr. Robot I miss read "sign up" for "sign in" and just like that i was out 60 dollars, i cancelled immediately so no big deal I just found it insane that with one click they take 60 bucks and when you cancel giving that money back takes 4 business days! what the fuck is that noise, a button click a fraction of a second to spend that money but to get it back it takes way longer. fuck you x box and fuck you amazon for not giving a 'confirm you account sign up because we about to take that paper son'. Alright I feel better now. oh and my fucking playstation network account expired today without notice. Now I'm angry again. 



Aug 30, 2016

On this weeks episode of the TNB Podcast we bring Alex Carswell on the podcast to talk about his GIGANTIC DONG. He wouldn't show it. But we do the usual thing have some drinks and then talk about whatever comes up during conversation you know. Tyler gets insanely drunk, talks about politics, and then get really angry at somebody. Bob takes his pants off and exposes dong for a brief second which Tyler sees. Alex has beautiful hair, and Nick always wears cool stuff. We love each other. Your mom loves us, and now I'm going to type random words to make this description seem longer. Fart bag turkey pie parts awake mouth fun dick fat mask broken apple shit poop crammed far away phone fucking type type type type type type type cunt. 


That seems like an appropriate length enjoy the podcast! We love you

Aug 22, 2016

Today on the TNB Podcast we welcome Trace into our crap shack to talk about Bob's favorite thing ever, Dark Souls. 

We don't talk about it that much considering we don't know how to keep a topic longer than two minutes so there's that, we do have fun and just talk about stuff. there. that's the description for this episode. I'm not going into further details about it because I'm tired and nobody reads anything unless they actually have to, you know, like I'm sure that one old dude from Making a Murder had to like, teach himself to read, and then read his case file, and then like, read other stuff. Well, in his case it didn't matter he totally did it. Look at the facts sheeple. Anyways, Check out our boy Trace's youtube channel where he runs shit in Dark Souls, and many other video games :lpdarksoulsHD is his channel name and it's rad. so do that. enjoy it!

Aug 15, 2016

This week we pull the one episode from the TNB archives and set it free! In this episode we bring Uncle Bryan on the podcast and give him the load of shit he deserves, since this was recorded 4 long months ago and I don't remember what happened during the recording other than Bryan acts a fool, you'll just have to skip this description and just hit the play button.


We still love you guys, ENJOY

Aug 11, 2016

We welcome Ben to the show this week Enjoy! 


No Description this week other than listen to it, it's a fun one. so go fluff yourself.

 :] Love you!

Aug 1, 2016

I don't want to give away the guest in the description, so hit play and enjoy the episode!

Jul 25, 2016

This week on TNB we find out what Jon does to robot limbs regardless of the age it's connected to. He also tells us why he's giving up video games *hint it's because he's an old cheating lying scumbag* He brought his friend and fellow Overwatch lover, Adam with him so there's two guests sometimes. We talk about games we like, don't like, hate, love and the ones that people play sometimes. I'm pretty sure Tyler and Jon are having a lovers quarrel (and since I'm Tyler and I write these pointless descriptions, I can totally confirm that) and then there's dick talk, a lot of dick talk. 


Enjoy the episode and check out all of our stuff online, facebook, twitter: @tnbpod, Insta: @tnbpodcast

Find Jon and his video game blogs on Facebook: For the Love of all Things Gaming

and that's it 

Jul 19, 2016

Today we welcome Brandon back on the show and talk some shit with him. Tyler and Brandon spent the day drinking and being bros, up until that Call of Duty game, which Tyler lost, because he sucks at Call of Duty. Anyway please excuse the drunk and enjoy the episode. We love you fools. thanks for listening. 

Jul 12, 2016

This week on the TNB Podcast Tyler, Nick and Bob finally get back to business and hang out. That's it, we talk video games, movies, Cinderella, Bob's dreams, and art. Because we are a culture podcast and we have class. So enjoy the episode and let us know what you guys think! 



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