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Dec 7, 2015

We welcome back the great Jon back today! We get down to the nitty gritty of the video game/nerd world and have some good old clean family fun talk about stuff. Also since you're probably not reading this and I'm not going to mention it in the Pre-Ramble (thanks dude for inventing that word, you fucking turd) within the first 10-15 minutes of the podcast there is a fuck ton of spoilers for Fallout 4, so if you haven't played it and want to skip that first chunk so I don't have to hear your shit, and if you don't give a fuck suffer through it, it is good talkin. Other than that normal week day shit yo, hit us up on Facebook and twitter @tnbpod and whatever fuck you. We love you motherfuckers.

Nov 26, 2015

Today we welcome Josh Brant from the Life of Gaming Podcast! He is our first guest who is a fellow caster of pods, which was super exciting for all of us here at TNB. We get down with our bad selves and just talk about whatever this conversation unfolds as, we talk gambling, anime, some Fallout 4, and of course strange tangents.

If you're a hardcore gamer and you live the life that is games, go check out the Life of Gaming Podcast anywhere you get your dope listening entertainment. We want to thank Josh for coming on the podcast and talking with us!

You can follow The Life of Gaming Podcast on FaceBook by a quick name search and also on Twitter @lifeofgamingpod and we suggest you do so!

As always my friends spread the word and follow TNB on all the social internet place FaceBook and Twitter @tnbpod 

We Love you guys and enjoy the episode!


Nov 18, 2015

Welcome to a brand new episode of The TNB Podcast! We kick it old skool today without a guest! So we hope you listen to this show for us and not the guests. But today we get around to answering your questions, all of your questions, all of your question. Because there was only one, and then we get into our normal banter we hope you'll all stick around for. 


As always feel free to talk to us through the various social medias, Twitter @tnbpod and the FaceBook page. We would like to hear from you guys and get to know you and all that jizz. We love you and enjoy the episode!

Nov 11, 2015

In this episode of The TNB Podcast we welcome Audrey back to the podcast! We just talk about stuff, like aliens, our favorite Bob Seger songs, which Vanilla Ice Album is better, and how many licks it takes to reach the center of a woman's soul. I think, I'm probably lying about the content of this episode. Well, I am. Or am I? I guess you'll just have to strap in and listen to the whole episode and there's a surprise at the end, so you don't want to miss that do you? 

As usual connect with your favorite microphone champions through any of our two social media's Twitter @tnbpod and our facebook page. Give us some feedback and make some new friends.

We Love you mother fuckers. 


Nov 5, 2015

In this episode of the TNB Podcast We welcome Price to the podcast! Nick couldn't make it because he's a fucking man with business and you should understand, so our friend Jon came in to fill in! We just do our regular talking things, so I'm sure you fine ass folks can figure out what we get down into. Lil' bit of funny, Lil' bit of real. Because that's what we do here, we do that realness, but also have fun. It was a super fun episode and we hope you fools enjoy it!

Don't forget to hit us up on Twitter @tnbpod, and our slowly dying FaceBook. 

Let us know what you guys think! We love you motherfuckers and we want to communicate! So talk to us!


Oct 27, 2015

In this episode of the TNB Podcast we bring back Bryan for a super long episode! We get super real on this one, it was a great talkie and we all had drinks and a good convo, if you can't handle that, well, turn it off. We talk drugs, n booze, n things. So what I guess I'm trying to say my friends is, we have a good talk. I don't know what else to write in this section because we cover a magnitude of subject and discuss life in general, hopefully we can keep you entertained and feel free to shove your opinions in our face if you really feel the need to, because we listen, that's right, we listen. And it's not your fault. 

Please feel free to chat with each of us through the social media places, twitter @tnbpod and the FaceBook page. We love you mofos and hope you enjoy the show! 

Oct 21, 2015

In this episode we bring back Brandon for a phat ass 2-peat. We try to be funny and tell stories and stuff. I apologize for the lack of consistency but I'm getting my mojo back!

As always, Thanks to all of you who put up with us and stick around for this podcast. We love you silly mofos and we are happy you fine people enjoy our content, don't forget get to spread the word and check us out on twitter @tnbpod and on Facebook! Don't be afraid to interact because we all love new friends don't we?

Have a nice day friends and enjoy the newest episode!

Oct 12, 2015

Today we welcome back Brandon! We have fun and do podcasting things. We just talk I don't really know how else I'm supposed to write this descriptions up, we just do what we are born to do. We hit record and we talk about the best stuff, and if you disagree that's fine. My favorite thing about this podcast is it's free, so either get yourself some free entertainment or turn it off, doesn't matter. But it does because we love our listeners. So enjoy the episode. Hit us up on twitter @tnbpod and facebook. We love you guys.


Also, STICK AROUND TILL THE END! We have a promo cut for The Earth Collective, and let me tell you it's fucking badass my friend. so check them out as well


Love you!

Oct 5, 2015

Today we welcome Ian to the podcast, he was a cool dude. 

WARNING: This podcast gets butt stuff dirty and you'll have to skip this one if you have zero tolerance for sex and such, but you are listening to us already so have fun. We had fun with this episode we talk about kinky stuff and not so kinky stuff, I don't know man, this is a lot of pressure for one dude, like record properly, make good enough talk to entertain you fine ass folks, transfer all kinds of audio files to convert this into mp3 for the thing, and then write this. Like come on, if you read these and you honestly enjoy these please send us a message and let us know, otherwise Tyler is just going to use this thing to cry, wah wah wah. There I'm finished writing this, but the episode is pretty good from knock out to knocked out, we cover the basics and how some people on this show just have to game in the bedroom because it has literally put girls to sleep. 

We love you fools please enjoy the episode and tell your homies, because if you're a friend of us they should be our friends too. 

Twitter @tnbpod the facebook 

LOve you Fools



Sep 23, 2015

Today we welcome Carmen to the podcast, he's a super fan so we let him in. Nick couldn't make it because he had to see some epic music shit, but where we were lackin in Nick charisma we tried to step our shit up! Any way, we just do the normal with new guests, talk some shit, bust some balls, then have sex with each other. It was a fun episode and we hope you fools enjoy it!

As always give us some social media love on the facebook page and our twitter page @tnbpod. We love all of our TNB Gimp Squad and we'll be giving some lucky listeners so swag in the coming weeks so keep up with us!

Sep 18, 2015

In this episode of the TNB Podcast we welcome Adam Gober to the podcast. We do like we usually do, get down on some funny talkin, Nick and Bob keep it logical and intelligent and Tyler, well, he just acts like he just finished listening to DMX all while they keep to being funny to themselves. We talk about Chipotle SURPRISE SURPRISE, we've come to a conclusion that this podcast has a weird fixation on the chipotle world, much like a white girl does with starbucks. SO ttheres that, we talk about other stuff but mostly stuff, we rehash a few stories and tell a new one i think i don't know i hate writing this description thing, hey if you want to come in and sit in on an episode and write this shit, please doors open, if not don't read it I don't care. 

Enjoy the episode, and as always hit us up on the dying facebook page, and the much living Twitter @tnbpod Thanks again for all the support we get (and I mean support in the bleakest meaning on the word, just no one has told us to quit, and if they did we'd make an episode about that person so proteckt ya nek.) We love you fools and as always spread the word we could use a good reference because we'll need jobs soon. 


Much love and boner rubs




Sep 10, 2015

In this episode we kick it with just ourselves and do talk stuff. This was recorded two weeks ago so sorry for the lack of consistancy, but life happens, you move, schedules change, you get fat, and then don't do podcast stuff. So we Apologize for the delay! BUT WE BACK BITCHES! I don't remember what was discussed on this episode but I know Tyler likes to get upset (he has something of a substance abuse problem, we use this podcast as an intervention, he sits at home all day abusing things all while listening to The Postal Service remix songs like a 7th grade emo kid) But Enjoy the Episode and tell your friends! 

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Aug 21, 2015

In this episode of The TnB Podcast we welcome back Jonny Marv and Taly Alsaid! Tyler has no self control so of course he gets too drunk. We go over all kinds of shit so sit back and enjoy this episode!


Also still trying to get around to the shirts, and a new chamber awaits the TnB Podcast, and with that, we have the ability to host a live podcast listen to the end of the podcast for the details but if you'd like to attend just send us a message so we can let you know when it comes around!

Don't forget to hit us up on all the social media and itunes, stitchr or where ever you get the podcast. 


We lOve you mother fuckers 

Aug 14, 2015

In this episode of the TNB Podcast we welcome Kevin Behm, Kevin is another Cincinnati local musician. We get together like always and talk about the fun things. Don't forget to stick around until the end of the episode to listen to Kevin's special song he recorded not only for the podcast but he recorded the song the night before he came on the show. He's a good dude and a great musician. 

As always enjoy the episode and don't forget to send some feedback our way, we do eveything to make this show something you'll love as well as fun for us to do. 

We're on all the social media outlets, Facebook, Twiiter, and whatever else is up. 

If you want to be a guest on the show please feel free to hit Tyler up for scheduling @tylerbarge on Twitter. We love you fools (even that voice actor who Tyler doesn't like) 


Aug 7, 2015

In this weeks episode of The TnB Podcast, we get real weird with a new friend to the cast of pods, Brandon Ellis the bass player from the band The Requiem so don't sleep on that band. We get down with our bad selves, as usual. We talk movies, ICP, and other things like stuff like things. duh. 

We are on the track to getting T-shirts printed up so make sure if you want one you get in contact with one of us so we can order the right amount. 

As always enjoy the episode, hit us up on the social media accounts if you want to get invovled and potentially the fan favorite guest, we welcome all new comers, (except Tyler he is an asshole) Rate, review and subscribe to us on iTunes or whatever podcast app you use (we are also in the mix of creating our own app for your sweet smartphones. 


We love you guys and thanks again for hanging with The T, The N, and The B!

Aug 1, 2015

In the episode we welcome Alex back to the podcast and talk some serious shit. 

We get on about some funky stuff like we always do, movies, porn and of course our good friend Cody and his love for disturbed. 

As always thank you for listening, and don't for get to pass this shit on to your friends like a fire ass mixtape undergroud, or the clap, which ever one you feel applies to you and your homies.


Hit us up on twitter @tnbpod and our dying facebook page. Don't forget to subscribe to the itunes page and rate us! we love you fools we'll see you all soon, or not I don't know I hate writing these things because nobody knows real art when it's being read by you. 

love you!

Jul 24, 2015

This weeks episode is a doozy, Jon comes back on and talks about batman and stuff of superhero nature, bob argues with him, and tyler acts like a baby. Enjoy the episode and all of that other shit i usually say for this description. I wish I had someone to write this shit and make it interesting or force you turds to read it. Bob likes the despcriptions but I hate writing these things. blah blah blah blah 


Hit us up on the facebook, twitter, and other places to get your fix of the TnB Podcast!

Also t-shirt stuff is mentioned to pay attention my friends also would like to thanks those on the twittersphere for the follows and listens we hit 2000 follower! which is dope as shit, we love you mother fuckers!


Jul 17, 2015

In this episode of the TnB Podcast we welcome Jake to the podcast! He's a Cincinnati local artist with the band (or project) All The Trees Are Hers, a great musical talent and good friend.

We cover all kinds of things from puke stories to scratch tattoo culture (who fucking suck) and stuff like that! 

Thanks again for tuning in to another fun episode of the TnB Podcast and as always hit us up on facebook, twitter @tnbpod and those types of things. Don't forget to follow Jake and his music on twitter @treesareher and on facebook Jake Elsaesser.

If you would like to give us some suggestions or whatever hit us on the social media or if you just want a shout out or to come guest spot!

We love you fools, thanks again for listening!

Jul 14, 2015

We welcome back Jon to the podcast as well as a new guest Alex! We get down on our usual talk Batman and some bewbys, as some other pressing matters that just happened to come out of our faces during the recording. 


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We Love you and thanks for listening!



Jul 7, 2015

Jon came in and it was a fun talk, hit us on social media because you have the power we don't. 

Hopefully, we'll get back to our normal schedule and continue releasing gold if not, you'll just get broze because we hard in this bitch. Real Hard. 

Love you guys. keep on listenin'!

Jun 19, 2015

We have fun on this podcast so just listen to it, We get down on some fun shit while being funny and introducing  the new segment "Group Terro-py" it's therapy but the complete opposite, so enjoy that. And WE ARE NOW ON STITCHER! So download that app and listen to us too.


Don't forget to rate and review us to give us some street cred. We love you fuckers have a great night and please have fun listening to us talk!

Jun 5, 2015

In this Episode of the TnB Podcast we have Jon back for another exciting time (without Nick because he forgot about Dre) and just talked about stuff, so strap in or strap on and enjoy the hilarity of this episode. 


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May 31, 2015

Just another episode just listen and enjoy because I completely forgot what we talked about. EPISODE 18!!! WOO


Thanks for listening and enjoy. If you have some feedback hit us on the Facebook and talk to us, share your feelings, thoughts, loves and lust. We love you and fuck yoself

May 15, 2015

In this amazing episode of the TnB Podcast the boys do a straight repeat of a previous episode about jobs and how they got fired only this time it's way funnier. We also welcome Jon to the podcast, he's a good friend of the podcast and super hilarious and he actually talked! We also talk about funny stuff that's it, and get a call from Tyler's father who ditched him for a pack of smokes. So enjoy that! 


As always tell your friends about the podcast and don't forget to like, share, and send us feedback about the podcast on Facebook, as well as rate and review us on iTunes!


We love you silly fucks! enjoy Episode 17: Alright Buddy, I Gotta Go!

May 9, 2015

In this episode of the TnB Podcast, we introduce our sweet and sour intro music produced by Tyler himself so thank him for the terrible sounds you'll here for 16 seconds. Today we welcome Bob's uncle Bryan on the show and get weird. Nick had to work during the recording of this episode so he is absent but don't worry he'll be back. We talk about a bunch of 30 dollar thefts that Bryan was behind, along with pizza thefts, and other things. I don't know what to put in this description just listen to the episode and have a fun time. The volume might be a little low but i'll be sure to fix that for the future. 

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